A+D Projects is the in-house studio for the School of Art+Design at Portland State University. As a student powered design studio, we are changing the way our school looks and feels

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Fall 2022

Angela Nguyễn, Kelsey Zuberbuehler, Quinn Carrol, Jessica Cho, Gino Simmons, Nafisa Hutchins, Casey Litchfield, Isabella Medina, Leigh Annand, Edwin Paquette, Stasha Stokes, Sophia Stoker, Em Craig, Noah Brown, Kate Coningford, Simone Gee, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Sean Schumacher Justin Cory, Lea Thompson, Whitney McPhie, Freya Kargard, Lis Charman, Ciera Tague, Izzy Gavaza, Brina Lane, Brice Spreadbury, Sophia Mick, Forestt Tovar, Dusty Winters, Zoey Trask, Tabor Cote, Tatum Miller, Elise Ricks, Aaron Lindstedt, Lena Hall

Spring 2022

Winter 2022

Fall 2021